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Electroplating in Mumbai: Learn it’s types and applications

Electroplating is defined as the process of coating one metal with another using the electrolysis phenomenon. It is made up of three parts: an electrolytic solution, an anode (the positive terminal), and a cathode (the negative terminal). There are many companies doing electroplating in Mumbai, however it is important to understand about the process and how it helps.

The electroplating process can be further explained by using the example of how gold is plated or transferred on ornaments to make them look beautiful. The elements of gold metal are placed at the anode (positive terminal), where they oxidize and dissolve into the solution. Simultaneously, the metal to be coated with gold should be placed at the cathode (negative terminal), where it is reduced and the dissolved gold particles replace it, resulting in the final product.

A few factors influencing the process should be considered. To name a few, the voltage, distance between the rods (anode and cathode), type of solution, and so on.

Electroplating types include:

Electroplating is a common phenomenon in the industrial sector. There are several types of electroplating, conducted by electroplating company which include:

Plating in Masses:

It is not suitable for detailed items because it is ineffective at preventing scratches and entanglement. This process, on the other hand, can be used to coat or plate a large amount of metal.

Plating for Racks:

More expensive than the former, but effective for large or delicate parts. Parts are frequently submerged in solutions with “racks.”

Plating indefinitely:

Parts like wires and tubes are constantly passing anodes at a set rate. This process is a bit cheaper.

Line plating:

Line plating is the least expensive because fewer chemicals are used and parts are plate on a production line.

Electroplating’s applications include:

Electroplating has a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Business applications are:
  • To prevent corrosion • To conduct electricity • To reduce friction • To prevent radiation

If you are looking for electroplating in Pune, Hylite Group offers some of the best services in electroplating. With immense experience and techniques, this organization will fulfil all your requirements. Additionally, electroplating in Mumbai is also made possible by Hylite as we have our facilities in Mumbai too. Lastly, Hylite also offers hot dip galvanizing and zinc flake coating services.

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