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Electroplating is basically the process of plating a metal onto the other by hydrolysis mostly to prevent corrosion of metal or for decorative purposes. The process uses an electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations to develop a lean coherent metal coating on the electrode. Electroplating is often applied in the electrical oxidation of anions on a solid substrate like the formation of silver chloride on silver wire to form silver chloride electrodes.
Electroplating is majorly applied to modify the surface features of an object (e.g corrosion protection, lubricity, abrasion), but the process can also be used to build thickness or make objects by electroforming.

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Electroplating can modify the physical properties of metals once the coating application is completed. It saves the objects from wearing and increases its lifespan.

There are different types of electroplating such as:

Properties Of Electroplating

Electroplating has wide industrial application.It can enhance the qualities of objects plated with the metals. It creates a protective layer of metal on the objects and prevents the abrasion or tarnishing of the surface. Thus, coating a non-metallic surface with a thin metal coating prolongs the lifespan of the objects.

There are an array of properties for electroplating:

There are plenty of advantages for electroplating. Electroplating has been most useful in preventing corrosion and protecting object from common utility articles such as tins or bicycles to jewellery pieces. There are prominent advantages of electroplating:

1. Best protection:
Electroplating is most known for its protective properties against corrosion. The process saves objects from rusting or tarnishing.It scales heat resistance and provides shock protection.

2. Reduced friction: Electroplated objects rub together with less friction and there is less scraping. Only negligible damage is caused to the objects and they can be used for a longer period.

3. Electroplating renders magnetic properties to objects.

4. Adhesion: The process of electroplating improves the adhesion of the outer layer of the object. This fastens the coating firmly.

5. Protection from thickness: Electroplating protects the objects by adding its thickness.

Applications Of Electroplating:

Find the varied applications of electroplating:

Commercial Application

Electroplating has proven to be most useful in the commercial scene. Electroplating parts of cars and other automobiles with Chromium coating provides it smooth looks and texture. There are more commercial applications of electroplating.


Electroplating can boost the appearance of products. Applying a thin layer of rare and valuable metals over cheaper metals provide great lustre and appeal, higher quality to the finished product. The expenditure is also minimal. For such property, electroplating is extensively used in jewellery design.

Electrical conductivity:

Good conductors such as silver and gold are used in small amounts with other metals, electroplated to form integrated circuits, electrical components.Since these metals as silver and gold are precious, electroplating with other metals is a great option improving electrical conductivity.

Radiation Protection:

Get protection from radiation with electroplating. Provide better features of metals to the other metals with the effective coating process.

Rusting and Corrosion prevention:

Metals are subject to corrosion and rusting especially when exposed to moisture. A thin layer of coating can prevent such damage to the objects. For example. Copper, Chromium and Nickel are some non-corrosive metals coated over corrosive metals as steel and Iron.

Purification of metals

Electroplating is used to purify metals such as Copper. Moreover, Copper plating is also an important process. A layer of Copper is plated on an object electrolytically. Copper plating improves the conductivity of the object on which plating is done. Copper plating provides a smooth surface where additional coating can be done. Copper has adhesive properties and the coating binds well to the surface. It also provides resistance to corrosion.

Properties change

Electroplating can change the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of metals. It can increase the tensile strength and hardness of metals thus the process is important for tooling industry.

The Anode and Cathode

In electroplating practice, the current is usually introduced from an external source and the anode is the positive electrode and cathode is a negative electrode. Cathode is the electrode where the electrochemical reduction reaction occurs while the anode is that where the electrochemical oxidation reaction occurs.
The electroplating process uses an anode and a cathode. In electroplating, the metal dissolved from the anode can be plated onto the cathode. The anode is provided with direct current, oxidizing and dissolving its metal atoms in the electrolyte solution. At the cathode, the dissolved metal ions are decreased and the metal is placed on the product.

How does Electroplating Work?

To understand the concept further, let’s take an example of a gold coating. In this instance, a layer of gold is to be electrodeposited on metallic jewellery to enhance its appearance.
Usually, the gold plating is connected to the anode (+ve charged electrode) of the circuit and the jewellery is kept at the cathode (-ve charged electrode). Both are kept immersed in a highly developed electrolytic bath (solution). At this stage, a DC current is supplied to the anode that oxidizes the gold atoms and dissolves them into the solution.
The dissolved ions of gold are reduced at the cathode and plated on the jewellery.
However, there are major factors that influence the last plating. These include:

Uses of Electroplating

Talking about the uses of electroplating, apart from enhancing the appearance of the substrate it is used in various other purposes as well. The major application is to optimize a material’s resistance towards corrosion. The plated layer often serves as a sacrificial coating which reveals that it dissolves before the base substance. Some of the other common applications of electroplating involve:


At Hylite, we are carrying out 20+ kind of coatings and have experience of 75 + years of providing quality solutions to our clients. In Electroplating we are offering 18 kinds of coatings
We have adopted the latest trends and upgrades and over the years have been able to establish sound technical know-how and variety in our offerings. The learning never ends at HYLITE


Types of Electroplating offered at HYLITE

Lead Plating

Nickel Chrome

Copper Plating

Nickel Plating

Continuous Strip Plating

CED Coating

Cadmium Plating

Silver Plating

Black-Oxidizing Coating

Phosphate Coating

SS Electro polishing

Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP)

Tin Plating

Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating

Zinc Cobalt Alloy Plating

Zinc Electroplating

Iron Zinc Alloy Plating

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At Hylite, we are carrying out 20+ kind of coatings and have experience of 75 + years of providing quality solutions to our clients. In Electroplating we are offering 18 kinds of coatings We have adopted to the latest trends and upgrades and over the years has been able to establish a sound technical know-how and variety in our offerings. The learning never ends at HYLITE.

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