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Hylite is the prime galvanizer company in Mumbai. We deliver top quality galvanized products in Mumbai. We are specialists in galvanized products.

Galvanization protects metal objects from rusting or corrosion by the application of Zinc coating on the surface of the metal primarily steel or iron. The process scales the lifespan of the metal article. The common method of galvanization involves the dipping of the steel or iron portion in liquidized Zinc; the process is called hot dipped galvanization. One common product of this type of galvanization is hot-dipped galvanized steel wires.

Galvanization is an important process in iron and steel manufacturing industries.

Types of Galvanizing

The prime galvanized products are galvanized steel and galvanized metals. Galvanized metals are widely used and we can find them around us.

– For building cars and bicycles bodies, galvanized metals.

– Galvanized steel is used in the making of drinking water pipes

– Outdoor components such as roofs, fences, solar structure are all made from galvanized metals.

Industries that widely use galvanized metal include:

  • Wind and Solar industries
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Construction industry
  • Telecommunication industry

MS flats of various sizes are hot dip galvanized and used as earthing. Galvanized Earthing Strips is a series of connections into the ground for electrical safety. The earthing terminal is the main component in the system.

At Hylite we have a range of sizes in ready stock available for our clients to meet various electrical earthing specifications.

Our customers range from electrical contractors, Cable tray manufacturers, Electricity Boards like MSETCL and traders of electrical goods.

Galvanized earthing strips are made from top quality Iron or steel.A recommended 80 micron Zinc coating is ideal for galvanized strips. Find a width ranging from 25 to 75 mm or thickness of 3-12 mm for hot-dipped galvanized iron strips.

What category of  material is used for earthing strip?

Copper, Aluminium or Galvanized Iron is used to make earthing strip.

Galvanized Iron is ideal for earthing. Why?

The performance of Galvanized Steel is better than Copper rod. Galvanized steel provides low electrical resistance for current passage from rod to earth. Galvanized steel also has a Zinc layer of protection against corrosion.

Why GI is used for earthing?

 GI Earthing dispels lightning in all soil conditions such as sandy or rock-filled ground.

Range Of Sizes

Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Wgt/RM (kg/m)
25 3 0.60
25 5 1.00
25 6 1.20
30 3 0.70
30 5 1.20
32 3 0.75
32 6 1.50
40 5 1.60
40 6 1.90
50 5 2.00
50 6 2.40
50 8 3.15
65 5 2.60
65 8 4.10
75 5 3.00
75 10 6.00

Fasteners are an integral part of many assemblies and can make or break the functionality of the application.
Paraments like corrosion, abrasive environments, conductivity, torquing strength, embrittlement all govern its service life and can be controlled by its surface coating.

With zinc-aluminum flake coating, these are improved drastically and are also a cost-effective solution.

Zinc flake, when compared with hot-dip galvanizing and stainless steel, comes on top of almost all parameters.

In this coating process, a  spray of the coating and spinning the extras are carried out. The Zinc flake coating is not done electrolytically as in Zinc plating.

Zinc coatings protect metals from corrosion. The coatings are a mix of Zinc and Aluminium  flakes binded by a chemical matrix.

Zinc flake coating can be extended to bolts, nuts, springs, panels and structural elements. You can avail inorganic, organic, cured coatings in multiple colours such as green, blue, black and silver. These coatings are considered most ideal for:


  • High-strength bolts
  • High-strength nuts
  • Structural parts with great tensile strength


The advantages of the coating are:

  • Strong protection against corrosion
  • Prevents damage from high temperature
  • Best electric conductivity
  • Protection from chemicals
  • Improved appeal
  • Adequate friction
  • Cathodic protection
Zinc flake coatings cathodic protection is widely used in wind power systems, plant construction, trucks, automotive, and construction industries. Zinc flake coatings offer tougher protection than galvanic Zinc coatings as confirmed by salt test sprays.

Range Of Sizes

Comparison Between Hot Dip Galvanizing, ZAF coating and Stainless Steel
Zinc Flake Hot Dip Stainless Steel
Coating Thickness 10-12 microns 65-80 microns N.A
SST Life 700 hrs + 700 hrs + N.A
H2 Embrittlement No Requires Baking No
Dissimilar Metal Corrosion No No Yes
Hard Water Resistance Yes Yes No
RoHS Compliance Yes Partial Yes
Cost Implication (eg. M8x30 Bolt) 120/- per kg 110/- per kg 325/- per kg
Special sizing / tolerances No Yes Retapping and undersizing required No
Availability Yes No, Made to order Yes
Finish / Aesthetics Very good Poor Good , But different to galvanized jobs

As Hylite is in the center of all manufacturing activities and provides quality galvanizing solutions to its client it has in turn associations with the solar structures fabricators who provide the best in class solutions in the industry.

A solar structure module drawing is all you need to provide us. We can also provide purlins lip channels and sections of standard lengths duly galvanized which can be assembled as per requirement at site.

Some of the galvanizned solar strucutres are:

Hylite’s galvanized solar structures are best products. As prime suppliers of galvanized products, we provide most durable and high quality structures that can withstand corrosion and rusting. We deliver galvanized products with great longevity. Our team ensures that the solar structure are rust-protected with our expertise in galvanization. Our team ensures that you have no hassles of maintenance while we are efficient in galvanization. We are the leading galvanized products suppliers in Mumbai delivering high quality galvanized solar structures.

You can freely use our galvanized product and take benefits of its durability.We manage bulk orders too!

If you have industrial or commercial requirements for solar structure, place your demand with us

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