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How can we make the hot dip galvanizing process smooth and hassle-free?

While hot dip galvanizing is gaining a lot of prominence due to the protection it provides to the surface. It gives a touch, abrasion resistant and durable finish that helps the surface to be corrosion free. Due to these capabilities hot dip galvanizing is preferred in a lot of industries.

Galvanizing–To ensure proper metallurgical bonding of the zinc to the base metal, the prepared base metal must then be submerged in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of about 455 degrees Celsius or 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pickling –Pickling is a method of chemically cleaning the base metal’s surface. Use hydrochloric acid instead if possible because it is more environmentally friendly and won’t corrode base metal surfaces.

Completion – Post-treatment It is necessary to dry, shake, or centrifuge any excess zinc after removing the metal from the molten zinc bath. Galvanized items must be cooled in either water or air. The air cooling process requires more time than water cooling, but it produces a surface finish that is noticeably better, making it a crucial component of structural steel.

Cleaning of dirt and grease: Use hot, alkaline cleaners to get rid of dirt, grease, working oils, and soluble paints from base metals.

 Prefluxing – Before being dipped into the bath of molten zinc, the base metal, which is typically steel, must first be prefluxed, which removes oxides and prevents oxidation. Use zinc chloride and ammonium chloride solutions for pretreatment instead.

Inception– The final step, inspection of the finished product, is also taken into account in the hot-dip galvanizing procedure. At this point, it is crucial to verify that the thickness and state of the surface meet the required quality standards.

If all the above processes are followed accurately, it leads a seamless and hassle-free hot dip galvanizing process. If you are looking for hot dip galvanizing in pune, look no further! Hylite Group has the all the expertise at our hot dip galvanizing plant thus offering the best services in short turnaround period. Contact us today!

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