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Hylite Galvanisers

Address: F2 Block Plot No 30/9 MIDC Pimpri Pune 411018

Tel: +91 72530 00111

Email: [email protected]

Weekly off: Sunday

Galvanizng capacity: 100 MT / Month



Hylite Electroplaters Private Limited


F2 Block Plot No 30/9 MIDC Pimpri Pune 411018

Direct Line Number

+91 72530 00111

Weekly off


Galvanizng capacity

100 MT / Month


Hot dip Galvanizing

3.25 M X 1.25M X 0.8 M

Electroless Nickel Plating
Zinc Electroplating
Continous Coil Plating
Iron Zinc Alloy Plating

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