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What to Consider While Choosing a Galvanizing Company

Hot dip galvanizing is touted as one of the most sought-after methods that companies use to endow implements and devices with anti-corrosion properties. This particular trait is what makes hot dip galvanizing across industries. Be it consumer appliances, automotive consumables, handrails, metal pails, walling and roofing, safety barriers, cooling, and heating duct systems in commercial and residential buildings, hot dip galvanizing is responsible for keeping machines and devices rust-free and corrosion-free, and in good working condition. If you’re looking to score the benefits of this electrochemical process then you must find a suitable galvanizing service provider. In this blog, we educate you about the factors and facts you need to look at when choosing a galvanizing company in your city.

Before we furnish the pointers, let us briefly tell you what is hot dip galvanizing, what it does, and why it is important. Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) is a procedure wherein fabricated steel is dipped into a large-sized container containing molten zinc in it. The fabricated metal is dipped into the hot liquid to endow it with anti-corrosion properties. In other words, hot dip galvanizing spreads a corrosion-resistant protective layer. To explain the process succinctly, the iron present in the steel metallurgically reacts with the hot liquefied zinc to transform into a tightly-bonded alloy finishing that enables the steel to withstand rusting. As a result, the steel gets increased durability and service life. Popular estimates suggest that galvanized steel can be useful for up to 50 years. Furthermore, the protective coating ensures the steel does need to go through stringent and repetitive maintenance routines.  Among the benefits of hot dip galvanizing, it is cost-effective as it costs far lesser than other corrosion protection treatments in the market. Now, let’s list the factors you need to look at when choosing a galvanizing company.

For starters, quality is one of the mainstays that you need to investigate. Your galvanizing service provider must have credible work experience. The facility/workshop where hot dip galvanizing is conducted, the venue must be fit in terms of surroundings and infrastructure. Moreover, do a thorough internet search about the company’s market reputation, quality of services provided, authenticity, and customer services. Your galvanizing partner must know more than just the fundamentals of hot dip galvanizing. The galvanizing process may appear to be simple on paper but it requires special knowledge and skills. Moreover, make sure you enquire about the quality of products, services, and safety standards the company follows. You can take a head-start on this by reading up about the quality and safety stipulations hot dip galvanizing service providers are expected to comply with. Remember, being well-informed and well-aware is important.

The second most important criterion you need to study is whether or not the hot dip galvanizing provider has a good team of experienced and skilled technicians in place. While the company may be in business for some time but it doesn’t necessarily imply that they have a talented crew at their disposal. We would recommend that you pay a visit to the company’s galvanizing facility and survey the environment and workforce. At the same time, make it a point to enquire if the company has a strict employee safety and health policy. Because hot dip galvanizing entails working with metals, hot temperatures, and complex machines and equipment therefore it is always a good idea to find out what kind of safety measures are in place for the employees. This particular pointer must not be missed or overlooked because employee health and safety is the foremost priority in every industry, and as a potential customer it is your right to know the company you’re assigning services to has a definitive employee policy framework or not.

The capacity of work and excellent customer service are two other parameters you need to explore before zeroing in on a galvanizing company. As stated before, hot dip galvanizing is used in many industries. Every service provider works on a particular scale. While making your choice, and depending on your galvanizing requirements, try to find out what is the capacity of work that the company handles, and can handle. If the company workload is large and it is not complacent about quality and safety protocols then the company can be shortlisted/finalized after consideration. Quick customer service is equally important. Hire a galvanizing partner who can give you topnotch work within a few hours or days notice. If you have a galvanizing assignment that is urgent, the company you sign up for the job must be able to deliver the final product in a limited turnaround time. Even if your task isn’t urgent, it must be able to give you the desired outcome in an allotted time-slot and steer clear of causing untoward delays. Because you have a deadline to meet too, remember?

All said and done, one cannot emphasize how much the selection of the right galvanizing service partner is essential. Making the best and right assessment based on the aforementioned factors will bode well for your organization in the long run. Never compromise on the basics, and ensure that you are well-researched so that you can make informed decisions about choosing the ideal candidate as your galvanizing service provider.

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