Zinc Flake Coating

We, at Hylite Group are a well-established company known for providing top notch service in the field of construction. Our range of services are pertaining to but not limited to producing zinc flake coating items; hence considered as the best zinc flake coating suppliers in Mumbai.

Zinc Flake Coating is a coating process that is applied upon iron and steel products to enhance their long-term anti-corrosive properties. The zinc flake coating process is quite simple, a combination of zinc and aluminum flakes are mixed together and bonded on the steel or metal products non electrolytically. This means that items are sprayed on or dipped in the mixture, thereafter, excess compound is spined off and then proceeded to be dried on a rack before being delivered to the client.

The zinc flake coating process has proven to a be a reliable and trustworthy method to ensure durability of metals that would have given way to rust in a shorter time span.

Hylite Group has proven time after time that they are a reliable source to acquire products of zinc flake coating in India.

Why Zinc Flake Coating ?

In appearance, Zinc is recognized for its bluish white hue that coats different metals. To ensure that all materials used in any industry to compile anything requires the ability to resist corrosion, therefore it is vital that even the smallest hardware object is essentially equipped to, therefore, coating them with anti-corrosive resistant metal like zinc is one of the best ways to protect your constructional structure in the long term.

-The layer of zinc flake coating on the steel or metal items can prevent it from rusting and contact corrosion despite being unprotected in harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures and even resist exposure to powerful chemicals.

-Common base metals that are used are

-Stainless steel

-Aluminum alloys

-Die-cast Zinc

These alloys have been known for being the most suitable materials that can be subjected to zinc flake coating process.

Benefits of Zinc flake

Green Coatings, RoHs Compliant
High corrosion resistance 1000+ Salt spray hours
Good chemical resistance
No Hydrogen Embrittlement in High tensile jobs
No undesizing of tolerance required like in hot-dip fasteners
Good friction characteristics
Electric conductivity and other assembly properties
Great aesthetic value compared to hot dip galvanizing
Resistant to extreme temperatures
No warm-loosening torque
Sectors and fields of application

Application of
Zinc flake coatings

We have the expertise to protect the value of your property with our services. We take pride in delivering quality services that exceed the expectations of our clients.

With the widespread demand of products that are zinc flake coated in Mumbai and across India, Hylite Group has catered to the need of the industry and has provided clients with the necessary zinc flake coating supplies.

Metals and alloys that have been through the zinc flake coating process are used in various industries, such as the constructional industry, commercial industry and primarily in the automotive industry.

Items that are zinc flake coated are components that make up the fastening elements, brake systems, chassis, springs, mufflers, clips, seat belt mechanisms, fuel tanks and filler pipes. These are essential parts that make up the basic system of an automobile. Smaller items include nuts, bolts, pressings and fasteners.

Zinc Flake coated threaded fasteners are also used in the energy industry, particularly in the construction of wind turbines as the properties of zinc flake coating are suitable for the necessary and basic requirements needed by the natural energy generator It can withstand the friction and heat from the torque of the blades, and also provides great protection against the weather.

Zinc flake coated metals also make their way in to most home by being part of the everyday use appliances.

Defence Aerospace,
Wind Turbine Industry,
Solar Mounting Structures

Oil & Gas, Automotive
Electrical Transmission

Types of jobs

Sectors and fields of application
Nut bolt washers
Screws and nails
Clamps and saddles
Press parts
Forged fittings
Clips and couplers

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